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Thanks to a highly experienced, qualified
and motivated team of engineers and technicians, Sterimed has become a leading European manufacturer of industrial Ethylene oxide sterilization solutions.

Based in Switzerland, we are offering
cost effective solutions, with cutting edge automation and control systems
to medical devices manufacturers
and sterilization service providers.

As engineers, we follow a strict sequence of steps in order to produce the most efficient and suitable solution. Every time.

Each step requires customer's validation for moving on to the next step.

Sterimed accepts any URS, as well as offering our own standard specifications, if required. Then, we issue a compliance document indicating customer's requirements.
We can also suggest more suitable alternatives, based on our client's shared experience.

We provide a functional specification document describing our services and products able to answer customer's requirements. You may find technical details, capabilities, etc. of each piece of equipment, including a list with all equipment branding.
Regarding automation, we deliver a dedicated document.

The design specification includes all engineering documents and part of the final documentation. We provide it in soft and hard copy.

The manufacturing starts right after engineering customer acceptance. Our manufacturing is deeply monitored at each step and before disassembling and packing for shipment, we invite our customer for a factory approval test.

Installation qualification is performed on site after complete reassembly of our full system. Our engineers perform IQ tests and test documents are fulfilled under customer supervision.

OQ protocols are given to the customer at the DQ. Sterimed engineers perform DQ tests. During OQ, we also perform the software validation. Each test is accompanied by a testimonial to support operational tests passing.

We often perform physical performance qualifications at the same time than the customer MPQ. During this step, Sterimed demonstrates that the equipment delivers the performances mentioned in ISO 11135 requirements for the customer cycle specification.

Ethylene oxide units
Steam sterilization units
Our Services

Sterimed's sterilizers are state of the art in medical industry. Entirely built in Switzerland, they are proposed from 100 liters up to 150m3, in single or double rows. Our original design, combined to Swiss quality manufacturing, gives to our sterilizers a top finish aspect and long lasting life. Our chambers are built around stainless steel vessels and are certified ex proof; they can run vacuum and pressure cycles, 3 times a day, 365 days per year, for decades. Various option available, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Vacuum pumps

Sterimed proposes various technologies such as rotary vane air cooled, water rings, dry pumps, and it furnishes different models like 65, 300 or 600m3/h, able to ensure a vacuum down to 35 mbars in less than 20 minutes. Pumps are provided already mounted on skids (entirely built in stainless steel and certified ex proof) with ancillaries equipment, condenser, water recovery system, cooling loop, etc.
Our pump suppliers are well known Swiss manufacturers.


Sterimed vaporizing system transforms liquid Eto into sterilant vapor. This system of our own design and entirely built in stainless steel 316L includes skids intended to be tested from 10 bars and up to 60 bars. Totally welded with seamless pipes and few gaskets, our Vaporizer is extremely safe and requires minimum maintenance. It is also associated with Swiss high precision scaling system or Coriolis mass flow meter and the skids are certified Ex proof Zone 1.


Sterimed proposes own design heating systems for autoclave and vaporizer purposes, operated by electricity, hot water, gas or steam power. Our standard projects have independent heating systems but, on larger or specific demands we can provide centralized heating units, as part of a turnkey project.

Humidity control

Sterimed offers its own design and built-in pressure vessel in our PED certified workshop. Our GMP steam generator is conceived to ensure humidity control in our sterilizer and possibly pre-conditioning equipment. Our product range starts with 20kg/hour and up to 180kg/h. For higher performances, we can suggest alternative gas solutions.

Pre-and post-conditioning system

To be complete, Sterimed also provides pre- and post-conditioning systems. Should you be interested in large common rooms or dedicated tunnels, we can set up a system in line with your sterilizer and/or connected to your main control system to have a single sterilization report per product batch.

Gas treatment system

Like many Swiss companies, Sterimed has deep green roots. And for this very reason, we are also proposing efficient methods to oxydize or transforme ethylene oxide after use. This can be achieved by a chemical washer, offering the best cost/efficeincy ratio and lower carbon footprint, or a catalytic converter (associated or not to a to a peak shaver system), revealing then the highest efficiency availble today on the market. In both cases, our equipment is designed to have the smallest energy consumption with various smart and effective solutions.


Sterimed offers pressure autoclaves from 250 liters up to 20000 liters, cylindrical or rectangular retort, designed and built following high standards. Moreover, we bear in mind to reduce energies consumption on each of our project in order to find environmentally friendly solutions and minimise ecological impact. Thanks to our extensive experience of MD sterilization, our autoclaves can meet all customers requirements .
Please do not hesitate to submit us your specifications. Sterimed pays great attention to its GMP construction: it is based on a strong quality policy, supported by a high documentation level and using a high class manufacturing procedures and practices. This option is available on each component we are proposing.

Pure steam generator

We are designing and manufacturing our own pure steam generator for application from 20kg/h up to 200 kg/h. Entirely built in our GMP workshop pressure vessel certified, our equipment can answer to heavy duty use with very low maintenance cost. For higher requirements, we propose gas alternative solutions for running cost concerns.

Saturated Steam

Our pure steam autoclave are rectangular with cross section of 600x600, 800x800, 900x1600 and 1400x1800mm; out of our range, we can design and build as per customers requirements any autocalve size.
Widely distributed, Saturated Steam autoclave is the best technical solution for textile, porous and solid loads.


Our main steam expertise certainly resides in design and build large size Air steam autoclaves. This equipment is the perfect solution to sterilize large quantities of open containers and water fulfilled product such as bags for perfusion or pre filled syringes,... We have successfully delivered and installed autoclave up to 20 m3, with sectional configuration to allow an optimal homogeneity throughout the sterilizer volume.


Sterimed automation department has the biggest R&D budget thus we are able to propose the latest technology to our customer. Recently we have integrated IPad with Siemens Apps for the maintenance and off-site monitoring purposes.
Today, our automation system can be declined into Allen Bradley or Siemens system, both with large HMI touch screen ( 27”) and large SCADA HD screen to have a better control and visualisation of the process under go.
Our softwares are developed and validated following GAMP6.
It is certified 21 CFR part.11 compliant.


Sterimed's sterilizers benefit from a wide range of capabilities, such as various door's configuration, central steam production units, central heating points, cooling equipment for sterilizers, gas treatment,...

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